Bubba Westly, new on the scene, but not for long

Texas has a knack for producing a lot of talented singer/songwriters who travel far and beyond to accomplish their dreams. Throughout the years, the talent has been getting younger and more diverse in their sound. One who is definitely on the rise is 24-year-old Bubba Westly, winner of the 2013 Fire & Desire Battle of the Bands.

Westly is an accomplished singer/songwriter who has had a love of music since he was a kid. Being raised in church, he developed a passion for music and fell in love with old hymns. His love of music drove him to master a wide variety of instruments from the acoustic guitar to the drums. Westly made his musical debut at age 13, touring with a Blues/Christian Rock band. Despite a promising baseball career, he found himself focusing and devoting most of his time to the music. After attending college on a baseball scholarship, Bubba realized that his true calling was music and decided to pursue that full time.

Bubba Westly & Interstate Heartbreak delivers a powerful and unforgettable performance, while incorporating a wide variety of influences into his music and maintaining his original style. Westly recently released his debut disc titled Bubba Westly & Interstate Heartbreak -Roses that is currently climbing the charts and is sure to be a sure smash with fans.

Let’s go a head and meet Bubba Westly.

1 – Tell us a bit about who you are?

I’m a 24-year-old singer songwriter/musician from Boling, Texas.

2 – How did you decide to give music a try?

I was just raised into it. My grandpa raised me and he’s a great musician, so it was in me to do this.

3 – Who were your musical influences growing up?

Well I’m a huge rocker so all the greats Elvis, Cash, Hendrix, Waylon, Haggard, Stevie Ray, John Forgerty, just to name a few.

4 – Can you tell the fans about your musical style? Well we want a mix between rock, Americana, country. It varies, but we all come from different backgrounds and influences. We’re just a mix of who we are regardless of what “genre” people label us.

5 – How do you like to interact do with your fans?

All the social media outlets! Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ReverbNation sometimes even Snapchat!

6 – What was the first song you ever learned?

It was “That’s All Right Mama” by Elvis Presley

7 – Can you tell fans what they should expect when attending one of your shows?

High energy, rockin guitar, powerful lyrics. I love putting on a live show! I always tell people that, if it’s not one of the best shows they’ve ever been to, I’ll personally refund their money. People pay their hard-earned money to watch us play and I want to make sure they get what they paid for and then some!

8 – What is the one song that you love to perform live?

“18 Wheelers” off our debut album. Everyone seems to really enjoy that song. I want to make sure I give them what they want!

9 – Do you prefer to play small venues or bigger venues? Any venue. I just love to play and share my talent with people.

Bubba Westly10 – If you could perform with anyone right now who would it be?

I’d want to rock a show with John Forgerty. I love all his music.

11 – What is your process for picking songs that may go on an album?

Live Shows. Tell the crowd you’re going to perform a new one and listen to their response. They’re the ones who are going to be listening and sharing it. Let them pick a few.

12 – Can you tell fans how you go about releasing singles to radio?

There’s different ways of going about it, but in all honesty a radio promoter is the best way to go if you want to get it out.

13 – Do you write your own material?


14 – What inspires you to write a song?

I love listening and watching what goes on around me. It doesn’t have to be personal all the time.

15 – If you could record one song what would it be?

Green River by Credence Clearwater Revival

16 – When making your first album did you try to pattern it after any particular album you have heard and blend it with your own style?

No it’s all our own styles. We wanted to make an album people could listen to beginning to end. I think we captured that.

17 – Is there one artist that you are a current fan of?

I’m a huge metal head. My favorite band is Avenged Sevenfold.

18 – Are you signed exclusively with anyone right now for booking or radio?

Well, Steen Entertainment does some bookings for us. Other than that, I do a lot of the booking.

19 – What would you say is the biggest highlight of your career thus far?

Well, we won four East Texas Music awards. It was awesome. Felt good to know people loved what we do that much to vote for us.

20 – Where can fans go to find out more about you?

Facebook or come to a show and meet us!

21 -Where can fans purchase your music?

All Over. Anywhere you can LEGALLY download music you can find us.

22 – What is on the horizon for you?

Hopefully, great things. It’s super busy now with the Radio Tour going on which is awesome.

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